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Business Litigation Attorney in Charlottesville, Virginia

36 to 53% of small businesses are sued each year, according to a Small Business Administration study. Business litigation, also known as commercial litigation, involves a lawsuit between a corporation, partnership, or other business entity. In simple terms, business litigation is when one business takes legal action against another. Businesses and companies can be completely unprepared when threatened with legal action, and at those rates, it’s not a threat that a business owner can ignore.

There are various reasons that an entrepreneur or a business could be involved in a business dispute. A dispute under federal or state business regulations may affect one company or more than one business entity. Business litigation is a legal process to solve the issues between the affected parties. Commercial disputes do not always end up in a lawsuit or court. An experienced attorney can also help resolve legal issues before the issue goes to court.

Every day, businesses depend on others doing what they say, completing their contractual obligations, and operating safely to run smoothly. It is critical to secure an experienced business litigation attorney to accomplish this goal. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more.

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When Will My Business Need a Business Litigation Attorney?

There are different types of business litigation in the Charlottesville, Virginia, area. In certain instances, a business dispute might aim for the heart of a business; however, in other cases, the litigation could involve one property, agreement, contract, or product under the company name.

Here are some incidents when you may need a business litigation attorney:

Business fraud

As an entrepreneur, you must trust your employees and peers to fulfill their responsibilities and honor their contracts. If that is not the case, your business may have been affected by fraud or another type of misconduct.

Breach of fiduciary duty

Fiduciary duties exist in business in different contexts. A fiduciary usually involves one person acting on behalf of another person or entity. Some fiduciary duties can be imposed by states, while others exist through common law.

Virginia requires a plaintiff to prove:

a) the existence of a fiduciary duty

b) a breach of that duty

c) damages that occurred

Contract disputes

A breach of contract usually occurs when one party does not deliver on what they promised in their agreement.


Defamation is a false statement that hinders the defamed person or business’ reputation and causes a noticeable financial loss or emotional distress.

Insurance coverage disputes

Insurance coverage disputes arise when a policyholder makes a claim, but, for whatever reason, the insurance company denies paying the benefit. The insurance company may argue that the insured does not have that coverage. On the other hand, the insured believe they are being taken advantage of and may pursue compensation.

Partnership disputes

There are different types of partnership disputes; it could be a disagreement over the percentage of the split of each partner, over how distribution should go, or whether something constitutes a profit.

Non-compete agreement

Employers can use non-compete agreements to protect their trade secrets and proprietary business information that employees, partners, or contracts would see, so they can’t leverage it to find a new position.

Shareholder oppression

This issue can arise in several ways. One common practice is for majority shareholders to freeze out minority shareholders to unfairly remove them from their positions.

Other Business Litigation Issues

If you find yourself facing a real estate dispute, automotive or aviation disputes, and more, you need the help of experienced legal representation.

The business litigation process is complicated, and as a business litigation attorney, I will help you safeguard your personal and professional interests. Virginia laws regarding business litigation can be impossible to navigate on your own, so call me today to protect your livelihood. I have been helping clients throughout Virginia for over thirty years in Albemarle, Greene, Orange, Louisa, Fluvanna, and Nelson counties.

Business Litigation Attorney in Charlottesville, VA

As a business owner, I understand that the last thing you want to deal with is legal issues. Let me take control, and help you protect your livelihood. I offer free consultations to my clients in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the neighboring areas of Albemarle, Greene, Orange, Louisa, Fluvanna, and Nelson counties.